Stay Homas, a Spanish social media musical sensation who have caught the minds of millions internationally during lockdown, have announced their first international tour, with the trio of Klaus, Guillem and Rai wanting to thank their fans all around the world in live venues. The tour will take place between April and June 2021, and will take them to the stages of the main cities in Spain, the great European capitals such as London, Paris, Brussels and Milan and those further Latin American countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico. This announcement arrives after the recent release of their Mixtape ‘Desconfination’.


Stay Homas are an authentic phenomenon that has impacted on a global scale. In three months, they have achieved more than 400K followers on Instagram and, almost 90K subscribers and 12 million views of their songs on YouTube. The Stay Homas phenomenon has been absolutely organic and, thanks to the public that has welcomed them with open arms, they have received the recognition and complicity of artists such as Michael Bublé, Pablo Alboran, Manu Chao, Silvia Pérez Cruz or Rubén Blades and have aroused the interest of prestigious international media such as The New Yorker, CNN, NBC, BBC, Le Monde and other media around the world.

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Thursday,03 June 2021 at 19:30